The goal of every site is to make as many visitors as possible to land on the site and increase sales conversion rates from it, but the truth is thousands of website are launching every day but only a few of them reaching their goal. You may wonder why just them. It is because they know the psychology of their clients and know how to make them buy a product or service. They spend months researching how the market works and how to attract clients. In this article, you are going to learn how to get more sales on your site.

Researching the trends in your business

Analyzing the trends are crucial for your business as well as your site. Trend analyze is the basis for marketing. Without knowing the latest trends, you won’t get any conversions. Trend analysis helps you to determine the correct time for marketing your product or service For example if you are selling Ice creams you need to know exactly which month people buy ice creams. We know summer is the best time to sell ice creams so, if you market it in summer, you will get more returns than marketing it in winter. The best program for doing this is the google trend analysis. It shows data from the previous year based on your keyword and shows which month people are searching this product more. You can identify and prepare strategy based on this data. Next, you learn about keywords.

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Know what your customers looking for

This is the most important one among all. You need to know what your possible customers or visitors were searching to buy a product that you are selling. The words that people use in search engines to find something is called keywords. Knowing keywords related to your business or your site is essential because you are going to use that keyword phrase for marketing.

For example if you are marketing your product xyz brand watches as high quality automatic watches but people searching the phrase affordable xyz brand watches then you won’t get any sales because search engines show results based on the keywords typed by the user so, All your possible customers will go to the site where the exact phrase is used.

Choosing a keyword with high competition is also not a good strategy. You must find a keyword that merely defines your site and viewers interests.

How to find the right keyword

To find a keyword, i recommend you to check out ubbersuggest. It helps you to see all the related keywords based on the words that you typed in the input box. The next on is Blumenthal’s this one is not popular as ubbersugest, but it can do the work. It collects data from Google and then suggests it to the user. Both of them is similar. So choose many keywords based on your site or business. After you select your set of keywords the next step is to analyze it. The keyword tools can perform this work. The keyword tool is best for knowing how many people are searching for your keywords and what is the competition level of each keyword. You can analyze all the keywords you selected before. I recommend you to use excel sheets to compare all the keywords based on the data that you get from the keyword tool. Take time during this stage because small deviations can make you lose your customers.

Market your keywords

The above phrase is correct. In online you are not going to market your new site or business what you are going to do is market your keywords because users are searching for keywords, not your brand. This is the main difference between new and established brands. Established brands market using their name but new businesses use keywords for marketing instead of their names.

Effective marketing

Choose the right platform for marketing your site or business because each platform has their advantages and disadvantages. So choose what is best for you. Compare each of the marketing platforms. Most of them give us the ability to fix the marketing budget for a month. Test each of them with the low budget. To find out without hassle try call tracking. In the next part, you will learn about call tracking.