Different advertisement platforms

First and the popular one is the search engine marketing. Marketing in search engines gets more conversions than any other platforms the only disadvantage of search engine marketing is that due to the targeted marketing many marketers use Search engine marketing for the same keywords. So, the competition and the bidding is high. For some popular keywords you need to pay $15 per click. So Search engine marketing is not cheap when compared to other marketing platforms. Some of the popular Search engine marketing platforms are google adwords and bing ads.

Next one is the Video marketing. If you are new to the business and like to improve your brand awareness, the best thing is to market in video sites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, etc. It has a large audience and it also cheap when compare to Search engine marketing. The only disadvantage that you find out in the video marketing is that video marketing is best for brand awareness but not for Improving your sales conversions.

Next is the social media marketing favorite social media sites like Facebook and Twitter provide you the best marketing options for the Search engine marketing offers. You can learn about Facebook marketing in depth on another article posted by calltraxx. Facebook marketing stands in between video marketing and SEM. It creates brand awareness as well as conversion. If you are selling consumer electronics, then Facebook is the first marketing platform that you should check.

Free marketing, we discussed this in another article. It takes time to get conversions through free marketing but trying doesn’t cost you a penny right.

Choosing the right platform using the call tracking service

Call tracking is very much like the analytics the only difference is that you are tracking a call instead of page visitors and the working of both of these are also similar. You still don’t understand what a call tracking is then the following details will clarify your doubts. The first step is the visitors see your ads and click on it. Here the visitors visit your site from various ad platforms that you are marketing. Once the visitor lands on the webpage and sees your contact information if the visitor calls your phone number to ask details about the product after completing this phase the visitors are redirected to the tracking page where the tracking code is placed. This code collects data such as phone number and which ad the called visitor clicks. Using this tool, you can determine which ad platform is giving you more calls If you get more calls through Facebook advertisements, then you need to invest more on the Facebook marketing than other platforms or any other platforms that giving you more traffic.

Landing page of your money site

The landing page is the king of this whole process If the landing page is bad your entire effort will end up in vain. The landing page is like a receptionist. A good landing page creates trust between your business and the visitor. So make one best landing page, look all of your competitors and their designs. Try to learn what your competitors are doing on their site and how they are getting more conversion. Build a website that is compatible with all the mobile phones because visitors are mostly visiting your page through mobile phones. So, keep that in mind If you don’t know how to build a landing page then try to hire a freelancer or outsource it to web designing companies. The costs may vary based on the difficulties of the design and working hours. Keep it short and elegant.

These are the steps to improve your conversion rates. Research thoroughly and try to work hard till you reach your goal.