Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the first social media platform that spreads like wildfire across the globe. Billions of people are using Facebook, and Most of us consider it as our primary platform for sharing photos with our friends, because of this much of popularity Facebook becomes one of the major platforms for marketing. Facebook marketing is easy and cost-effective when compared to the other marketing platforms such as Online marketing and YouTube marketing. Facebook is the best place if you need marketing for massive exposure and to target the potential customers.

Setup costs

You can start your Facebook marketing account for free. In some advertisement sites, they ask for a minimum deposit before starting the campaign on their websites. There are no such minimum deposits for Facebook marketing. Because of no setup fee, you can switch to any other ad platforms if you didn’t like Facebook marketing or you find out that this type of marketing is not suitable for you.

Campaign costs

Just like all other ad platforms, You are only required to pay based on target audience and budget because of this marketers can fix their budget according to their convenience. The campaign costs of the Facebook marketing is much less than the other marketing platforms such as Adwords, Clicksor, etc.

Marketing on Facebook for free

Yes, you can market your products or services for free if you are very good at using Facebook or spend at least one hour on Facebook. Creating a fan page and posting valuable contents is all part of the social media markets. You can’t get brand exposure overnight but try it will pay off in future.


After Google and YouTube Facebook is the medium that used by billions of people every day. Millions of new users are joining every Year. Due to this much of popularity marketing on Facebook is the best bet for marketers. You can choose a wide variety of options for Facebook using demographics and target specific audiences who are possible buy or try your product or service. Facebook marketing works best if you are selling consumer products because most the users are teenagers products like cellphones, Earphones and other gadgets are possible to get more conversions on Facebook marketing. The conversion rates may not be as reasonable as search engine marketing, but with comprehensive research and planning, you can do wonders on Facebook.

Advice for Facebook marketing

Facebook becomes a part of our life, and it is also essential for marketers and business owners to create brand awareness. Without the online presence, you will miss the opportunity to get more clients. Social media pages are the gateways for business If you connect with your fans regularly you can increase your online presence. Even though you like paid advertising improving your online presence is a must to do the thing if you need brand exposure. Update your page regularly and try to post things that attract your fans. If your viewer shares your post which means your post is a success and it probably going to reach more audience. Check every morning or at least three times a week what your clients or fans were commenting on your page and try to reply them. When you get a negative comment don’t become angry try to solve that problem because negative comments have the high impact than the positive ones This improves the trust between you and your subscribers. If you don’t have that much time hire a social media manager or freelancer for doing this kind of job for a meager cost or try to post at least a weekly update.

Don’t ignore this platform

This platform is one of the simplest to implement and reaches a wide range of audience. After developing a site or starting a new business most of us just ignore the Facebook marketing without knowing it’s real potential and try to do other stuff. Everyone must keep in mind that Facebook is a great marketing tool ignoring it is merely stupid you need to thoroughly analyze what it can do and when it is useful and where it works. You always need to research and develop strategies for your business. You must take even if the chance is a slim one. So don’t ignore Facebook or any other marketing platforms that have a high level of exposure.

Become an expert

After starting your marketing campaign. I recommend you to try it first with the low budget if it works then continue otherwise modify your target and test again. Marketing is an art of masterminds. So, learning it takes time but once you learn you will reach your success soon.